Johnny McCuaig - Hold Fast LPThe Johnny McCuaig Band‘s new release Hold Fast is available for download on itunes.

This bagpipe sensation has people groping for superlatives trying to define this McCuagian Sound. Try to imagine a band that can seamlessly blend and twist almost every style of popular music together. The Blues mixed with a 70’s groove. A chugging rock guitar interlaced with Scottish Bagpipes.

Jason Plumb - E_p ONYMOUSJason Plumb‘s latest release is the EP, E_p ONYMOUS, which is available now, on iTunes.

The former Waltons frontman Jason Plumb has figured out the key to sustaining a career in the Canadian music industry – write engaging pop songs, accumulate a stellar list of musician friends, and remain dedicated to your craft.

Cody Gamracy – Where Is The Ground?
Cody Gamracy - Where Is The Ground?Jason Plumb and The Willing’s member, Cody Gamracy, releases his solo effort Where Is The Ground?.

Drawing from diverse influences such as Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead and Jeff Buckley, Where Is The Ground? is a sweet, ethereal, pop journey.

Where Is The Ground? is available for download on iTunes

Jeff McLeod – Double Entendre
Jeff Mcleod - Double EntendreJeff McLeod, a Regina, Saskatchewan raised, Rochester, NY-based pianist and organist, tackles both instruments on his ambitious double recording Double Entendre.

Double Entendre is available now on itunes.


Creosote – Area Man

Creosote - Area Man LPIn the world where musicians cut their teeth in urban garages, Regina’s Gord Smith knows more than a thing or two about rock and roll. The drummer, guitarist, and bassist has played in a broad range of bands, but it is crunchy and loud rock music that spoke to his soul.


Dan Silljer – Foolish Heart
Dan Siljer - Foolish HeartHanging out with local musicians was a sure-fire way for left-handed guitarist Dan Silljer to secure his place in Regina’s flourishing music scene. Not surprising that local hero Jason Plumb plucked Silljer to be for his own backing band, The Willing. A musician’s musician, Silljer’s versatile and ambling playing style has kept him busy as Regina’s best-kept secret, with his solo effort, Foolish Heart, being a fusion of old-style rhythm and blues with a touch of modern rock, jazz, and soul.
Dan Sillje‘s Foolish Heart is available on iTunes.